The Idea

Over the years, the dimensions of cars have increased and, while on the one hand taller, wider and more powerful cars have increased safety for drivers and passengers, in some cases they have led to the non-use of numerous garages built in eras of smaller cars.

Nowadays, in fact, a high percentage of garages or parking spaces are undersized, preventing the parking of vehicles or, if they allow it, then making it extremely difficult to open the doors, forcing tiring movements to get on or off the car and risking damage to the bodywork.

Parkino is granted by the Italian Patent for industrial invention No.1396216 and by the European Patent No. EP2491204.

What is Parkino?

Parkino is the automated parking system ideal for old garages or narrow parking spaces.

The ideal solution for anyone who needs to make entering and exiting their vehicle from the garage easier, without the aid of the driver.

A patented system made with materials that guarantee solidity and resistance, proven by strict operational tests for maximum reliability.

The advantages
of Parkino

Parkino is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to make entering and exiting narrow spaces, old garages or narrow parking spaces easier.

Easy to use

Operated with a click via dead-man remote control with forward-stop-reverse functions.

Quick to install

No masonry and/or electrical work required, works with a normal 220V socket.


2-year legal guarantee to cover any defects in conformity, extendable (for a fee) for a further 5 years.


With the installation of Parkino you will be able to take advantage of the 75% tax deduction for the architectural barriers bonus.

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