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So many of us have limited garages and parking spaces. These limited spaces prevent vehicle’s being parked, and if you are able to park, the tight spaces make it extremely difficult to open the doors, making it equally difficult to get in or out of your vehicle.
Parkino was an idea born from the desire to find a valid and simple solution to facilitate parking in limited spaces, without the driver’s assistance. From the beginning, we designed an advice able to function without the traditional traction systems (chains, racks etc...), such that it wouldn’t clutter garage/parking spaces with invasive and expensive components. The design of our device required a long period of testing in order to certify its extreme reliability and adaptability; available in different sizes, it adapts easily to spaces of different sizes.

Being granted the international patent for industrial invention no.EP 2 491 204 (issued by EPO-European Patent Office), is further recognition of our commitment and the results obtained, which make Parkino a very popular and reliable device.


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